One customer real feeling 163cm doll:

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One customer real feeling 163cm doll:


This supplier is 1 of 2 that deals professionally, sending you the products as described, offering professional communications and assistance, and processing and getting your order to you in a very timely manner. As to this particular product, I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about finding a high quality life size sex doll for companionship. She is beautifully crafted, realistic looking, and provides a most realistic experience (feeling). She can be fully customized by the supplier, recommend Green eyes, wig # 4, nice and curly hair, and pubic hair for those who appreciate that. Will tell you she is heavy, 70 lbs, and I use a wheeled office chair to transport her around. Have to give her a bath after usage, keep her smelling clean and infection free. Contact Smile. the Sales Mgr, to coordinate all of your needs. And don't be afraid to leave positive comments just because she is a sex doll, and you might be labelled a pervert. She's worth it!!

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