About my customer from Japan

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About  my  customer from Japan

First time to contact :15/08/30, today is 16/08/17.  Almost one years. 
He is my lucky, but i think i am his lucky girl too. 

He is a Japanese, but English is no good. So am i, i love to talk with him.  Maybe we are friend and business partner. But we are no really friend, we are didn’t talk anything about our life, we are didn’t share anything about our feeling.except sex doll. 

When i have get some new photos or update new price, i will sent to him first time. When he saw any new doll, he will sent photos and ask how much??  I quoted. It’s funny right?  This is the way we communicate. He order doll with me and i drop shipping to he customer.about 10-20dolls every month. We are always do this. 

In this years, we have meet many problem,sometimes doll feet was broken, customs clearance problem, doll face have different makeup. Or i lose to sent instructions with doll.We are always will find a way to resolve problem. Due to all of problem, he become to trust me.He knew i will do everything well for him.  But there mouth ago, in he side , website have some problem. We are almost didn’t sell doll. But today, he find he again to buy some sex doll accessory -- Glue, tongue and stain remover. I know, he come back. But still need few day to know what’s going on. 

I am not good to talk with anybody, and just try my best to do job well, maybe because he didn’t know English, and i am no good at English, so we are become a good business partner. Anyway, use Chinese say, “yuanfen”.


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