Love doll and sexdollonline in 2019

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Recording changes and progress

  China's New Year holidays is over, We come to 2019! We appreciate your patience and understanding in all orders during the holidays. Your support is our motivation!

Since 2015, has worked with more than 10 of the best manufacturers in China to provide dolls to more than 2000 customers. Customer satisfaction makes us feel honorable! In 2019, we plan to launch more than 50 new love dolls, including more than 20 love dolls under 140 cm and more than 30 love dolls over 140 cm.

In order to meet the increasing demand for customization, we have also shortened the customization time of dolls. In the past, it took more than two months to customize a full body doll, and only 25 working days now!

In order to ensure customer privacy and transport safety, almost all of our orders are delivered directly from local warehouse,  following is our warehouse list:

   1、Warehouses in the Eastern of the United States

   2、Warehouses in the West of the United States

   3、Warehouse in Canada

   4、warehouse in Hungarian

   5、warehouse in Germany

   6、warehouse in Russia

   7、warehouse in Thailand

   8、warehouse in Malaysia

   9、warehouse in Singapore

   10、warehouse in Japan

Perhaps our price is not the lowest, because our operating costs are increased on the basis of protecting your privacy and product quality. you will never regret the choice that you have made!

Maggie hopes that every customer who likes sex dolls will be satisfied! We will try our best to do a good job of service!

If you have any questions, please contact us: