About safe transport "young looking sex doll" to Europe

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Method and time of teen sex doll transportation

Many people have been asking me:Is it safe to transport  "young looking sex doll" to my country?

 We have our own warehouses in Europe (we have warehouses  in Germany \ Hungary\ Moscow), but not all countries we can transport them safely. In order to avoid your losses, we have summarized the possibility of transportation according to the country and show shipping way everyone:


Where we can safe shipping "young looking sex doll" to:


  Russia、France、Germany. Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Austria. Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、Switzerland、 Czech Republic 、Northern Ireland



    1. The size of the dolls shipped to Switzerland cannot exceed 140cm 'Because we can only choose the "china EMS post service", they have a size limit for the package. 

    2. To other countries we can use our "special line". We pass customs and pay customs duties by own name, and then transported from the warehouse to your address by UPS express .





   If you are from the UK, you better to buy over 140cm tall and it must have no children's faces. Otherwise we have to transport the doll's head and body separately, the head is transported using DHL express, and the body is transported from our warehouse in Hungary. So it's safe, there won't be any customs issues, just need to pay an extra $100 for shipping on the link below when you order:


Producting time and shipping time:


   We need 8-12 days for produce your doll, then ship it to our warehouse in Europe( Germany \ Hungary\ Moscow). After customs clearance and pay customs duties, we will send your doll from the warehouse to your designated address by "UPS express",shipping time is around 15 days.



    1. Russia's transportation time is around 25 days. We will ship it to the warehouse in Moscow and then ship it to the designated location using "CKEK express"  from Moscow.

    2.  Switzerland's transportation time is around 25 days .You know the speed of "China EMS Post" service     (http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html).


if you are from a country where we can safe ship, Click here for view all  "young looking sex dolls" :





    If you do not receive your order in case of an accident, we will re-deliver or refund. If your country does not appear above, please contact me for advice: sales@sexdollonline.com (Maggie)