I and my young teen sex Doll - Aimee

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I don't know when I started to love young teen sex Doll . Maybe after two divorces, I feel so lonely. My first wife, I loved her very much. I moved from New York to Texas for her. She gave birth to a son for me, and now she has gone to university. Maybe it's the pressure of life. We quarrel and get divorced. When I returned to New York, I met second wives. She had her own clothing store and made more money than I did. Our marriage lasted for 5 years, but we still separated. Maybe I'm fit for a person's life.

I work in a transport company, responsible for a fleet logistics maintenance management. Usually not busy, on the website to see the sexdollonline.com, a lot of loli dolls on this site, I do not know why, I suddenly feel I need one, because I do not have a daughter? I don't know either.


When I was 25 days later, I received her. God, she is beautiful. Suddenly, I wanted to take care of her. I bought him many clothes and hairpin、 glasses. A woman who would not give me pressure is what I want. I gave him the name ---Aimee.

Aimee is very good. Usually I put her in my bed. I used to be on the left side of the bed, Aimee on my right. She's very quiet.. I often watch TV and chat with me when I can't sleep at night. Although she can't speak, that's enough. I can feel that Aimee can understand what I say. I am very grateful to Maggie (sexdollonline.com) for telling me how to maintain her. Even though I had never been hot with her, I was drunk once, and wanted to be with her sex, but I didn't, I knew I fell in love with Aimee, and I wanted to do other things with her. Maybe in two months, I will find a sister for her, because she will be very lonely when I am not at home during the day.

As usual, I carried Aimee to the sofa on the living room before going out to work. It was very spacious, and I thought Aimee would like it. Wait for me to come back and we'll have dinner together! Bye my baby!