Does the sex doll's head match the other love doll's body?

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silicone sex doll or TPE sex doll Head and body 


Does the doll's head match the other doll's body?
As time goes on, sexdollonline has accumulated a lot of Repeat customers, thank you very much for your support for sexdollonline. In the course of routine maintenance, lots customs asking us: i like this doll head, Can it be installed on the doll I have already purchased?
  In general, we recommend that customers use the same manufacturer's doll-body and doll-head to avoid chromatic aberration. However, some of them till want to try doll body with doll head that it from different manufacturers.
  Then we will remind them that there may be have a little diffent colors between them and can you accept it? (Because different manufacturers have different toners.) If the customer accepts it, we will contact the manufacturer. We will check Does the head and body screws match? Although, usually the factory screws are 16 mm in diameter... Does the size of the head and body match? and  If we can match, we will try to  test for the customer. if it is no problem, it will be shipped to the customer after payment in 4-10days
  Please See the picture below, Different manufacturers of dolls same skin color: Normal skin. But the skin color is different.
  If you also have  appeal request, please let us know , contact our customer service and confirm the details in advance.
Thank you for visiting sexdollonline, we will give you the best service and products.  (Maggie)