Funny questions about sex dolls

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Funny questions about sex dolls

There was a woman. She bought a doll from us  for his husband in order to celebrate his birthday. At the same time, she also hopes to increase her interest with her husband.I'm curious and think a questions :


Would you allow your husband to buy a sex doll if he seeks your approval?


I asked this questions on the internet and got different results and Write here now .


 answer 1


  NO  stop!

  It sure would beat him straying into another girls arms.

I don’t see anything wrong with sex dolls. Your man already plays with himself in the shower and when you’re not around so this would be no different .There is no emotional level they would ever connect on other than as a form of object to get him off.please ,Thoughts on this ? 


answer 2


  I would never stop my boyfriend from buying a  life like sex dolls and I have enough of my own.

I’d probably recommend to approach the situation as you’re going to buy them some sex toys too, that way you can order a masturbator, sex doll and she can get a vibrator, takes the spot light off you and allows you to both try something new.

I actually did an article about me and my boyfriend trying different sex dolls in the bedroom together,Why not make your life full of fun?Do you really love him? Love him and let him happy.


answer 3 

The part of the hypothalamus that governs sexual desire in a male brain is much bigger in size than in a female brain. This talks volume about the sexual drive of men and the reason for their infidelity. Understanding is important, if he requires good sex to relieve his stress after a hard days’s work, give it. silicone sex doll are of course more realistic, it most like real woman rather than working with hand held masturbators . So if you are worried about his satisfaction and do not want to run the risk of getting cheated, buy him a sex doll  . Once you recover, you can have the doll as a threesome to spice up your sex life.


  Different people have different living habits and different ideas. We share the same view: sex doll are used to Make people happy, whether they are themselves or others. If you want to buy a sex doll or some questions about sex dolls.  please contact us :  (Maggie)