A German sex doll buyer and his sex doll story

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A German sex doll buyer and his sex doll story 

 a German sex doll buyer and his sex doll story 

Today, I'm going to share a photo taken by a German buyer.Of course we can not  publish buyer privacy, but we can tell stories about dolls.

He is a very gentlemanly customer, Courteous, wise, friendly.After the payment was completed, he waited patiently for the completion of the production.However, there is a problem in the transportation sector. From our factory to our warehouse in Europe, we only need 15 days (transport and pass customs by our own name) in the usual way, but we have transported for 20 days.It annoys us very much.He's going on a business trip to other countries, and he wants to get dolls before he starts.We worked together and finally received the dolls  before he took a taxi.It's a great relief to me. He didn't have time to check the doll, he need go out quickly.so sorry about his times. This is our European warehouse colleague's work is not perfect enough, resulting in the loss of his time.

It was gratifying that when he came back, it gave us a good return.We share the screen part of the information and his cute doll:



We are very grateful to the tolerance and magnanimity of our customers.When he came back, we send him a hook for his doll by DHL , to hang his doll in the wardrobe. I believe he will take care of his doll, because he really likes her.


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