GOOD NEWS! MARTI's first picture is coming NOW!

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customize sex,doll is coming 

We make her with a brown hair blue eyes. Our production worker in workshop took her first picture by his mobile phone.


, there are already a lot of doll lovers paying attention to this new doll, according to their request, we will update her details to the website for everyone to see for the first time. The picture below is Marti:

Her feature is natural color, blue eyes, brown hair, and she can be matched with three different mini sex doll  bodies -- 100cm flat chest, 100cm B cup and 100cm C cup. This head is characterized by her more realistic young face, her nose lips, eyebrows, ears, jaw and other areas more realistic response to the human body structure. Compared to the previous 100cm faces, this one is the most realistic. She is the face of the girl who is most similar to European girl and the United States girl on the market.

In the next 15 days, this product will be on sale shelves, the estimated price is US$900. And we begin to accept Booking orders now. If you are interested in her, please contact our online customer service or email (Maggie).

Friendly reminder, because of the recent exchange rate fluctuations, the US dollar devalued sharply, clearing the exchange rate and settlement costs between banks increased. If you pay with your credit card when purchasing your product, there will  increase by 3%  between the actual transaction amount and the unit price. Because we bear the loss of exchange rate, bank transfer and Western Union will not be affected by any changes, will not increase the order payment costs! Please choose the payment method carefully to ensure the payment is successful.

Chinese New Year holiday is coming, and the orders after February 2ed,2018 may have to be delivered around March 5, please pay attention to it when you order. Thanks for understanding and support. All the staff of sexdollonline. com wishes you " Happy Chinese New Year" !


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