good news! NEW mini love doll head “Marti” would be coming soon!

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most realistic sex dolls head-“Marti” would be coming soon!

new  mini love doll head “Marti” would be coming soon!

Our team have decided to strengthen market research andafter 2 months  market research, gather more information from sex doll buyers.
Sexdollonline according the results of more than 800 sex doll buyers who from europe and United States.In the 10 reference faces, Marti Stands out now!She is considered the most popular face.Most doll buyers think Marti’s face looks very cute, royal and graceful and affinity,not make them uncomfortable;Look at Marti,she has a young face with sexy lips, charming eyes,pointy nose. Fully demonstrated the European women's unique facial features.  The following picture is about"Marti"

It is a model now  but we plan begin to sale in 1 month .If you are looking forward new face like her or others cheap sex dolls, please pay attention to our website or send  email to for the latest news.
"Marti" will be matched 100cm TPE body, the price would be fixed between 850 and 900 dollars,there have 3 diffent bodys for choose : flat chest 100cm, small chest 100cm, big breast 100cm.   doll weight is about 12.5kg.
 As china's “Spring Festival” is around corner, sexdollonline team issued February 9th - February 24th is chinese traditional holiday.    So if you order  at 3th-24th February,your order will be shipped before March 10, At the same time, "Marti" has already begun to accept the order, all orders will also begin shipping after March 10th. We feel so sorry for our customers’s long waiting time.
We try our best to service all buyer . If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. whether what kind of product and service you want, Or have any other ideas, welcome to keep in touch with us,Chat online or email,  Maggle will reply to you within 24 hours.