silicon sex doll head with TPE sex doll body ! New product is coming!

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silicon love dolls head&TPE love dolls body

we( )  are working with the factory for fews months , now ,  New product is coming !

 she's name is   "Sayuri"! most real life sex doll! You can not imagine how real visual experience and feelings she is! Have you even seen wax figures? "Sayuri" is more realistic than wax figure, because she is made of medicine silicone skin craft. The special aspect, her hair is real “human hair” and planted one by one, instead of wig. And her eyebrows are also planted ”human hair” "Sayuri" is much different with all previous sex dolls. Her eyelashes are planted without glue, more stable and more realistic!Sayuri can really accompany with you into the bathtub.

We learned from thousands feedback from customers. they told us that :
silicone sex doll is  realistic , look more human. but , TPE sex doll is more soft than silicone sex doll body , feeling more human! so  we need a new product like  Sayuri , she need look more human and feeling more human ! We do material testing for over 6 months,keep silicone and TPE are safe and stable when they are  We've done it successfully.  "Sayuri" head can be fix on all body that "product code" begin from "AX"  and body size over 138cm .
At present, we recommend  2 diffent style body :

 one is 140cm life like doll:

  "Sayuri" 140cm video:

and other one is 138cm flat chested doll :

  "Sayuri" 138cm video:

As a perfect product, more than 20 working days and 20 production processes, "Sayuri" is coming! If you want to see more details,
   "Sayuri" head video:

  hair\eyebrows\eyelashes production video:


if you have any questions about these dolls, please contact us : . we will reply in 24 hours