bass and his sex doll girls friend injoy happy times

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bass and his sex doll girls friend injoy happy times

She never cries. She never nags. She never gets hungry or jealous. She doesn't need your commitment and she’ll never have to meet your parents, nor would you probably want her to. But most importantly, she never says no. She's always raring to go. The one hitch - or should we say glitch - is that she's not real. "She", the woman of your wildest dreams, is in fact an "it": a silicone sex doll.
Bass owns six sex dolls and has sex about twice a day, but during the "honeymoon period", this number is ramped up to four or five times. He purchased his first doll two years ago and sees them as "a method to scratch an itch" rather than as companions.

Bass admits he was startled by how good his first time was with a doll. "I prepared the doll with copious amounts of baby powder to give the skin a natural feel. I posed the doll in a typical missionary position, but with a slight arch to the small of the back. I find it the most feminine curve on a woman. The feeling was not too different from the real thing, yet the lack of movement is what may initially be off-putting."

As for additional features, he would just be happy for a doll to mimic kissing, but he doesn’t buy into sex robots. "The movement thing I can kind of get. But, you've just come out of a relationship where the girl was nagging you and constantly talking and you want a machine that can do that? Why? Just sit there and talk to his life like sex dolls."

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