questions of dress up your sex doll

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questions of dress up your sex doll

 lots buyer ask us , Why don't you sell sex doll's clothes? my sweet need Hats, dresses, skirts, socks, shoes... ...
we always answer: we can  help you to buy your most Favourite doll close  after your order.because we have over 400 diffent doll, over 100 diffent body size .
 some buyer like skirt, some like shorts.... so many choose! so  if you want to buy clothes , please asking us to help you after your order !just tell us what kinds of shorts or others you most like or we show you the shopping links, you choose your favourite one.

 such as this , we help buyer to buy this one: 

  an buyer from italy . he like his doll with this : 

  1\if you want to buy some Clothes or shoes for your doll, please asking us for size for your doll body first!
  2\Please try to buy light colored clothes, such as white ...If you like other colors, please make sure the clothes don't fade!
  Otherwise, your doll will get dirty.if your doll have dirty now , please use stain remove(


 if you have any questions please contact and

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