Can I change the doll head to different doll body?

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Can I change the doll head to different doll body?

This is one my customerquestions Armin, he wants to the head of our JY100cm XX doll, but  AX10001F dollbody.  

 Armin sent message asfirst,:Hi, You have manydolls in storage?Is itpossible to change heads (they are removable, isn't)?Chang the head of one sex doll to the body of another?I’m sendingimage as example to explain my idea.I possiblebuy the doll for me, in the beginning of June.I like the face of first doll, but she has no breasts, so I need to know if that head canbe put in a doll with huge breasts sex doll.

I just replied: Hi, Thehead is removable, but the doll you send is from different manufactures, the skin color won't meet,do you mind that? Armin: Does that will bebig difference? If not big, I think it is ok, that is If I put it on long hair,that will make it better. This doll head is so cute, I like it in long black hair, that is really lovely. But I still worry about the custom, I am live in Austria, not sure the doll is ok or not. I really made a mistake,I refused his order, because I just mistake he lives in Australia , as you know Australia is very strictly to any doll not matter big size or small size . Afterhe explain, I know that I misunderstanding it. Thanks his kind understanding, everything goes well.

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