Please welcome Mademoiselle Kitty!

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Story about sex doll buyer and his kitty 

Please welcome Mademoiselle Kitty!

  I had search a cute girl with smile full of beautiful teeth before, finally here i found her. 
I am crazy for her. She's wonderful, She certainly looks as though she's enjoying sitting dresser. 

  I am a very lucky man to meet Kitty, of course i give her a name "Kitty".I am 180cm tall but Kitty is 130cm(feet to head), blue eye, natural skin , black long hair and stand up feet. When she stand up, you can image we have 50cm height difference.But i love this difference.In my doll house has 5 dolls, she is best one i love. All doll is smile, when i back home, go to home and talk with them, they are smile with you, bad thing is gone.
  These day i always hold her to chair and dinner with me, i think the other girl was jealous her.But that's find, I love her so much and she just a little girl , they will understand. I live with doll about 3 years, sometimes go out with hot girl, no one know i have 5 girls at home. This is happy life with those girl.They are from different seller. One month ago i order one 160cm in fullbodylove store, name is “Eartha”. She is a huge breast sex doll, soft touch and nice sex feel. I love dog style, she make a best job for me. Real a nice big ass sex doll. For sex , Eartha is best choose for me. I love hot girl, they have big boobs ass, so for sex i just love big breast ass sex doll. 
Kitty is different, she is flat chest, so i want to cake of her, just as a father for her. 

  Sexdollonline have a very nice serve for me. Worth 5 star!! Thank you Kitty for being in my life.

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