real 5 stars feedback from a lovely buyer

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real 5 stars feedback from a lovely buyer

we received a real feedback from a lovely buyer,We can not disclose private information, just look at the contents of the mail between us:

I absolutely love her. She finally arrived. She looks exacly like in the pictures. I love that!
How warm can the water for bathing her be?
How can i clean her the best way?
How can i best clean her pussy?
She smells like plastic alot right now. What can i do about that?
There was a little book coming with her what i couldn´t read ( only 6 pages ). Can you send me the text via e-mail in german or english?
What should´t i do with the doll?
I fear damageing her. How durable is the material ( bones and flesh )?

Best regards

 Then they give us 5 stars feedback in this link:flat chest doll 

Shad on 27/04/2017
6 reviews
My first sex doll. Very high quality product. After having her now for a week I am thinking I probably should have gone with a taller one so I just ordered one that was 28cm taller. I am expecting shipping to take about 4 weeks since that is how long the first took to arrive. Will write a review as soon as I get her. I expect it will be another great review given how pleased I am with this doll.

thank you so much!  we will  continue to improve our product and servives for  all buyer !