Conversation about old customer and his order- new wigs for sex doll

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new wigs for sex doll

copy by Smile from

D is one of my wholesale customer, he lives in Russia, and sell dolls to USA also European most countries ,here is our talking about the doll wigs, his Germany buyer want 2 styles doll wig.

D:Hi Smile! Hi dear! Happy holidays!)) I've heard you have national holidays now.
Can you tell me, what's your vacation days? What time you come back to work?
S:hello D,our holiday is from 22th Jan to 6th Feb,
if you have some question also. can contact me, we will reply you as soon as possible.Smile

D:Thanks, Smile!
Smile. As you remember, I was telling you before, that my previous paypal account was frozen by system.
But now not about that.
The thing is that I created a new PayPal some days ago. And one client wanted to buy a wig for doll and I provided him my paypal this way.
But! After he paid me, It turned out that paypal locked funds for 14 days. Have you faced with such a situation with your paypal, haven't you?
You see, funds are not frozen at all, they just frozen for some days (14 days). This is such a protection for buyer provided by paypal system, as paypal says. I think, it's because maybe I'm a new user, because this my account was created two days ago. Maybe because of that? What do you think, friend?

S:hello D, glad that your paypal is ok now,
for Chinese  paypal new user, there will be rule too, it seems be 21days frozen and need to meet a amount, then we can use the payment.
so do you need to order doll wig now or later?
D:Hi Smile!))
Thanks for reply! I will let you know, if wig be needed later, ok?
Maybe, I'll come back with another order even, doll, or torso.
See ya! Thank you very much for help!
S: Hello D,
We come back to work today,
so if any questions or orders need my help, just let me know.

D:Hey Smile! Thank you for updating!
Got you.
Smile. Do you also accept paypal payment in case my client would pay me by paypal?
Now no orders, just need to know.

S:Hello D,
Yes, we accept paypal for payment all the time, just let me know when you need.
D: Hi Smile.
Can you send two wigs to Germany. One man has ordered.
1. wig #3
And -
2. pink wig for 100cm doll
How much would it be? It's one parcel. Destination: Germany

S:Hello D,
Thanks for your message, May I know what shipping way you want? the fast one (3-5days)or slow one (20-35days)
here is 2 kinds ways price for you .
Shipping by DHL:$41,
Shipping NLPOST:$36.
D: Smile, hi! Thanks for fast reply.
You mean, by DHL, $41. Is it price only dor delivery? Or, in total, for wigs and delivery?

S: Hello D,
#41 is total, both the wig and shipping cost.
D:Ok, take it.thank you.

D:Smile. I'm Russian and if you need any text to translate on Russian, feel free to ask.
Because I noted that a lot of Chinese stores try to write some text on Russian, but it looks redicolous and funny, because Russian is very difficult language))
So, if you will need, do not hesitate.
S: Thank you so much D.

We are not only doing business, we are also friends and partner,Smile