sex doll's femal Merchandizer in her holidays

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sex doll questions

 when you first time to meet sex doll, or you frist time to visit .there is the most complete sex doll store .over 400 diffent sex doll on here. then what you thing? have a look or find your fevorite?
 today is our holidays , chinese new years .  we will back to work in 6 days latter. i holp back as soon as possible. because lots buyer waiting his order. we need made and shiping . i know they all Anxious to wait. so sorry for this. Although I am on vacation, I still do something for him and new buyer ,  answering customer's question like this:
The question below is important as I'm thinking about changing the doll:
Do the private parts (vagina and anus) on the 161cm look like those on the new 2017 Product Code: SM1630402 (see attachment)? If the factory can make them look just like that (more real) than I can keep the 161cm as before.

What is "new" and "better" about Product Code: SM1630402? I like her face too. Can I get her doll head as the second one for the 161cm doll?
i like this buyer  ,he enjoy his purchase process , we talking about his order . and waiting time is coming !   so  , anybody come to us , order our doll, trust us , Smile is always here Service you , any questions any time  let us know!  this is Smile from