A letter to the customer

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Doll Wholesale

Hi Vladimir,
It is so glad to get email from my old friend, what's more with a vocation wish. 
How are you recently?

It has been several months since the last doll you bought, and the doll produce quality manager have been impoved more. the recently doll we sold are in very good performance at feet place. But the feet ankle joint was the same structure, but we could adjust the joint to be tight or not. and by the way. the most sold doll was the sexdollonline serieso doll and all in very good qualityI personal adivse you to recommend your customer the sexdollonline.com series doll with full confidence. 

By the way, there are many types of new doll published in the past several months, and I will be glad to provide you doll pictures and information. But I am not clear enough which part doll pictures had I send to you before. So here is a better solution. 

I personally advise you to recommend the JS*** doll to your customers (the product model number start with JS***,  FJ*** on our website), this doll quality is one of the best on the market.Also, we will send you a extra doll head to you for your marketing when you next ordering a doll. we will help you grow up quickly。

 by the way , have an look on this :
 and  this one:

 they all our  new star!  

 waiting for your reply  

  your Peter