Conversation for 100cm big breast love doll

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100cm sex doll

  Conversation for 100cm big breast love doll.

This is my USA customer, he loves the big breast much, at before he has bought the 165cm huge breast doll, and love she so much, then come to me for our newest 100cm big breast love doll from

E: Hello Smile, How are you these days? Really thanks your great work, that 165cm doll is awesome ,
I just read your ad, You said here that you have the large breast version of this 100cm doll, Do you have photos of this?

S:Hi E,
Yes, we have 3 type breast size for this lovely doll,bigger breast doll, and mid breast and flat breast, at present the Bigger breast doll and flat breast are very popular, you want to see more picture of the which one ?

E: I want to see the biggest one, the breast size at 68cm Thank you

S:Ok, I will send you the pictures to your email,please check.

E:Can we change heads? I have find a very love doll head in your web, is that available for the doll?

S:Hello friend, at present only this head for the little body now have some other , but that would be a little color different in skin, what is the doll head you are looking?

E: Here is the head I was looking,  the what are other heads? you have pics? (i know its late) dont need to answer now- but this doll is silicone- NOT TPE- correct? I hear that silicone is better for long lasting..

S:Hello E, I just send you the other head pictures to you, and the 100cm doll is made of TPE Which is more softer and like real girl touching, and the doll is you just mentioned his is TPE, not silicone, but the doll head you send me is silicone doll, they can’t match, so sorry for this .
Do you want the sex doll head just as picture, she is very cute and customer love her so much, do you want to see videos or pictures?

E: Yes, please thank you .
S: Just send you some pictures,

E: Nice. The vagina is built in? And does it come in different colours?
S: This Vagina is bulit-in , what do you mean the color? you want different color of the doll vagina what color you like?
E:I meant colour of the doll skin. But the colour on the pictured doll is fine.

S: The skin color we can do Brown (picture color), white and Natural,
for this doll, the Brown skin is best seller
what eyes color and wigs you like? or keep it also same as picture?
E:I like it just same as picture shows,that’s is perfect.100cm have wire arms or actual flexible skeleton like the big dolls, also? Seems the body is so little hard to make so  much position?
S:This mini love doll is also with skeleton, you can make many positions as you want, and need to take care if you bend it much.

E:Think it is ok with the picture. Will think about it today to find out if this is the doll to order.