100cm Flat breast doll

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write by Smile from www.sexdollonline.com
Today we are going to talk about the 100cm flat breast doll, this one is our newest love doll,
When it just come to market, it becomes the hot pot , Some of our old customer who have buy a doll before, asking much about her.
So we are deciding to tell you more about her,
She is 100cm , only weight 12.3kg, like a real child size, that also why some customer buying her for Daughter, at present, not only male customer also female customer love her, because she have a more reasonable price for selling, that helps wins more popularity .

Customer Chris from Switzerland gives his best command for this lovely doll, He has buy the 128cm flat breast doll and silicone dolls before
This 100cm doll is so great ,fantastic quality doll, Amazing craftsmanship. The lines you usually see on silicone dolls are virtually invisible here. When you receive it, there will be many little creases on the body from it being shipped on top of . Do not panic; they will disappear in 20 days. Make sure to have corn starch (or baby powder) ready to rub it with until smooth. Always use condoms to avoid bacteria, water-based lubricant, and always clean it properly. Most important, make sure to dry the cavities properly! Long periods of wetness may kill your doll. Don't leave clothes on the doll when stored, and only use white clothes without dye.
And one more important thing, I don’t need to worry about the buying clothes any more, you know, The 128cm doll is not anatomically correct, so shopping for clothes is strange, but this 100cm doll is different ,it’s really child size, easier to choose suitable clothes, and sometime I also ask Smile for help buying clothes, and shoes for her, she is so kindly and lovely girl,and thanks she so much always choose the suitable things for me.

We choose the Top-class TPE resin made, real smooth skin touched. We use the medical TPE resin which is been certified by ROHS,which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length. The soften range is up to 0-100A. So the doll provides more durable service. The doll's skin color has purely natural luster and body has real smooth feelings by touch.
This is 100cm dolls face is lovely pretty which is sculptured by experienced sculptor. The make-up is put on safe materials with no poisonous smell. The hair is long shining and sexy smooth. The breasts are highly firm and rounded. The nipples have great flexibility with slightly pink areolas. The navel has a natural centric mark and smooth depression. The private place is used the flocking skills which has no smell or oil either, and can be put into your preferable flavor.

If you want to know about this lovely doll, you can check this link, there are more pictures,

We also made videos for her, if you want to know more about her, please contact us directly.