128cm flat breast doll

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flat breast doll

write by Amanda from www.sexdollonline.com

Had you ever saw any doll looks a like a real 8-12 years old?  Had you saw her like this?  Please check in here :


She is the most beautiful girl i had saw - make of TPE, not silicone. She is the one.
Why do i say that?
1. Weight: she is a small girl, only have 128cm, head to feet. Only have 16kg. Make of TPE inside metal skeleton. And skeleton is flexible, you are very easy to take some simple pose to her, and not easy to broken skeleton.
2.She is cute and special design. No matter where angle look at her, she is perfect just like real person, not just a doll.
3. She is very easy to hide, a small box, she can hide inside. We have one type sofa , you can hide and outside it’s sofa.
4. Touch: This doll touch a little hard, because TPE material is very easy become soft. So we are make it hard and can be keep a long time, but three holes not influence. But note, she really have a small hole, before use, suggest to use lubricating oil. Not only can protect holes well, but can good for your.

Some question form customer about her:
Do all your dolls come with movable eyes as standard? Or is this an optional extra?
-- This doll have brown , blue and green eye can be choose, you can change it yourself, so if you need a extra eye, of course you can take it.

2. Do all your dolls come with finger skeleton as standard? Or is this an optional extra?
-- Doll come with finger, this is TPE doll not silicone doll. Silicone doll can be choose finger skeleton, just like DS doll.

3. Can these dolls stand up on their feet for short periods without the support of a stand? Or would this cause damage to dolls feet?
-- Please don’t try to make her stand up, it will damage dolls feet. If you want to make her stand up, choose stand up feet will be great.

4: What does the built in vagina/anus look like on the 128cm doll?
--Vagina and ass according to real person vagina design it , and very durable not easy tear.
5: What do you put down on the customs declaration as a description for the goods inside?
--We are always declaration “silicone model” or “plastic mannequin”, it will good for customs clearance, because sometimes customs will ask produce purpose.
6: What type of shipping container are the dolls sent in? Do you use a cardboard box, if so is it a sturdy reinforced double ply box?
-- Yes, We will use cardboard box, inside is foam and blanket to keep doll safe sent to customer. We are use more foam to keep feet, neck and body fixed with box, It will safe and not one can be damage it when doll inside box. You can get a good doll same as picture and perfect.

So If you love her, why not ask us to sent some real naked picture or just order and take her now?

Christmas will coming , take one doll as your gift, you deserve it!