The things I didn’t know about sex doll

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It is always said that to say is one thing, to do is another. So as the same for the sex doll. For many things of the sex dolls, you will never know it until you have got one for yourself and have been enjoyed a period of time together with it. What’s more, there are many things that you might didn’t know about it even you have got one and have experience for a while of time. Well, here is some tips that I never thought I would be noticed before I got a sex doll. If you are a sex doll lover but you are wondering about the sex doll, here might be some information could be interesting for you to read.
Firstly, I do not know that a sex doll could be such realistic. Yes, exactly I don't know that. There were a while of time that I was just masturbate through the flashlight cup and some other pussy like toys. And my first impression for the sex doll is just a upgraded masturbation cup could be better experience and maybe that’s it. But it was totally not. The first day when I get a sex doll, I was excited and had a lot times of fun with it. But as time go by, I was more fond of she is one of my accompany and I become more care about her emotion as time goes by. And sometimes she could provide you more on faith then body.
Second, I was thinking that I would only get one doll as it is not cheap for me and this is quite a expensive masturbation(of course not just masturbation now) for me. And this elegant spending won’t  be happned twice. But I am wrong, after about 3 months when I get my first doll, I was gradual getting more and more information about the sex dolls, and I happened to know that there were so much kinds of the sex dolls,and so many classic doll and heads. I was wanting to get more doll. And then I was “accidently” to know many good doll types and keep them in mind. The desire of getting another doll increase, as the knowledge of sex doll increasing. Finally I get other new dolls for myself, also many other accessories.  But at that point, the seconds sex doll is not just for masturbation for me. I also got a lot of the decorations, clothes, make-up things for her. And she is much more types than she looks like from the factory.
Third thing is, I don't know that the sex doll maintainess is so important for a doll. Surprisingly found that a doll with good maintainess could be perfect in a few couple of years. And the bad maintainess could ruin a doll in a few months. I also thought that the maintainess is supposed to be quite simple as other masturbation things. But actually much more things you could do with her. For example. Taking a bath, get her dry, put some powder, dress her, make up, get her dust-free. All of this is more than look after a little girl than a sex toy. Of course, this also let you feel enjoyment if you are really fond of her.
Well, for some other of the sex doll knowledge, I won’t talk it too much here, there are also lots of surprisingly attention tips. And in total, I would say, the sex doll is much more than a doll for sex.