Sex doll price

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Sex doll price


write by Peter from

I have already heard about too many people, they definitely want to get a doll for themselves but they are not clear about the sex doll level and price.
Since more and more sex doll sellers was marketing on the sex doll website with high price. They are a little bit freaked out by the sex doll price. It is easy to see that many website are displaying the sex doll with price about $3000 to $5000 per doll. But actually for most of the sex doll sellers, there are much good quality doll could be found with much better price. You are just not in the right field.
I have reviewed many top quality sex doll suppliers from the sex doll websites from google. And I have summerise many sex doll seller levels.
Here we will not talk about some company provides the personal customization service cause that might cost $5000+ or more and that is not commonly to see on the market.
I will mainly devided the sex doll in 3 levels from the quality and price. The first level sex doll was always made from silicone. They are made very very realistic and all the details was perfect, such as the 4 woods, DS doll, etc. Yes, they are excellent quality than most of the sex doll sellers online, but another tough thing is the price of their dolls was always not easy for a normal duty. I f I remember right the doll of their brands could be higher than $3000usd or more. For this series of the sex dolls, it might be not perfect for your personally use as everybody could have his own request to the doll, but the doll total feeling, quality, shape, face was made really really realistic.

The second level could be the mainly the TPE sex dolls, as well-known by many people, WM doll, J-suntech, YL doll, OR doll, etc. they are the companies focus on the TPE sex dolls with good quality. And the price range is normally $1000~$1800. How come?!!! How could the TPE dolls so many reasonable than the top quality silicone dolls? Fisrstly, the TPE material is different from the silicone, the TPE material was basically more soft than the silicone. Of course, the silicone is possible to made as soft as TPE also but that was not commonly used in the field, maybe because the soft pursuing brings other disadvantages. And the TPE material with bigger holes if you look at it under the microscope. Also the TPE material is lighter than the silicone. Which means:
TPE doll could be more realistic.
TPE doll have better elasticity.
TPE doll could be lighter for user, also could be easier in producing. Because the heavier material ask for more strictly mould when producing. So all of this reason make the TPE doll so popular and become one of the main products on market.
I think over 80% sex doll owners could have tried the TPE sex dolls, because they are cheap, realistic, good quality, and easier to move.
As for the third level, it was not a good thing to recommend to you. Some of the factory was just joined this field a few months ago, they have poor technique but hurry to try the sex doll produce. The doll they made was in unrealiable material and the doll shape was by chance. This doll is selling in $300~$800 on the market, but it was really not a good choice unless you are the lucky dog, as well as the lottery.

I am not recommend you to bought a doll from anywhere, but this information might be helpful for a new doll fan to judge the quality and cost. We warmly welcome the doll fans to inquire us if they want to.