My sex doll life

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My sex doll life

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I am a man 35 years old living in Texas, USA. and I am still living alone, My father and mother was living in Washington and they are rich people.
In my school time, I was not the outgoing to hang over with friends a lot, I would more prefer to do some travlling myself instead of hang over in a bar. Since I graduated from my high school, I moved our from the big family and start my personal life.
It is hard for me to have fun with various people in this fucking place, the people here is quite Sturdy and I don’t like to make friend with them. Not even date a girl. So I am more stay in my department. But the playboy has the Physiological needs and that annoys me in quite a while.
I get a sex doll by a chance, of course I have tried a series of the masturbation cups before, also I am a vip of a porn movie website. the first sex doll really get me happy in quite a while. It was great accopmany as she never troubles me if I need quiet. And also I could do anything I want to do with her together.
Firstly I have sex with her without no other thoughts, as time goes by, I start to talk with her and play some simple games. Gradual though, I felt I was fond of the feeling that she was just behind me when I do something, feels like that someone is admiring my job. The only pity is it is not good enough for just two “people” to have some party, of course I mean a quiet party not as noisy as you expected. And I was thinking maybe I could get more dolls? I don’t know whether she felt sad when I get other dolls into my house, but I think it would be fine as I have talked with her about this for seriously, and her smile was always on the face. I think that was a good sign for me to get a more friend for both her and me.
Now I have had 5 sex dolls in my house, with the changeable head it will be 9 dolls. This is a big family for me and I really like the feeling looks like the house is full and everyone doing the things they want to.
I was thinking to get a bigger car for myself recently so I can have a outside party If I want to. To be honest, I also thought my old car was too suck.
I didn’t think too much about what others thought about me and my life , this is the situation I would like to have and I just had it. I don’t really want to get myself involved a marriage, family and that’s stuff as I have seen how didn’t my parents get mad about each other and they were sweet lovers from the beginning. I also don’t want to have a partner that I love but I don’t know how to get on well with her. Men and women is so different and they are so complicated. I like simple and it was just great!


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