My sex doll Judy

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My sex doll

Before I really get my first sex doll, I was a man really out of the crowd. I don’t like to hang over in the club or any heavy bar for fun. I was more fond of enjoying myself all alone. And for the past few years, I talked very few and I was home to enjoy myself for most of my time. The only people talk to me most is a boy from neighbour. He was about 5 years old and he come to my house regularly, some time he play before my house and talking with me for some children topics.
For people like me, it was more unpressure to talk with little boy as he remember nothing and he thought all thing very simple. Once some time we talk about friends. He told me he had two best friends for him. One is me and another is his little doll that he got on his birthday. He asked me who is my best friends. Of course he is one my best friends. “any others?”he asked me. I can’t remember did I really have a good friend besides this little boy.
Then he told me, maybe you could get a doll for the time I am not playing with you, he talked to me. Somehow I just didn’t have a idea to answer him. And after he went back home, I thought to myself, it could be a good idea for me to get a doll for myself to talk with. I could also be very quiet in my own space and no one will disturb me.
The next few days, I looked for the doll from many website, and the first impression came into my brain was kinds of like the doll Teddy, or some doll made by cloth. But since I reviewed the website, I found that there were various of the real dolls which looks like real human, with the human face, human body, even could make sounds. Well, I don’t like a doll could make sounds as I was fond of quiet but it just raise its impression in my mind.
I was determined to try a real doll as a acompany for myself. And I found that the doll 146cm Judy on was really suit my mind perfectly. Then I ordered it online for a try and actually I didn’t pay highly attention and expectaion on the dolls as I thought this doll is just a toy for me.
The package arrived in a couple of days later, and I leave it there for 2 days as that 2 days I felt really tierd and don’t want to do anything beside laying on bed.
I finally determined to open the package at weekend when I am boring and nothing to deal with. Then my mind was really refreshed about the doll.
The doll really shocked me when I open the box. The doll body was so realistic touching feeling. Kinds of make me so excited about this whole thing!!! I just don’t know how to say about that. I really didn’t have any determination or expectation on sex options. But the excellent doll touching feeling remind me that this is a sex doll. Well, how could this excellent doll is just made for sex? Of course this doll is deserved the sex doll name, I mean, there are much more meaning it could meant to be. Maybe, also the Physiological needs is most people really care about. I was disappointed about the humans.
By the way, most of the doll was made in a whole and this doll with a removeable heads, this is not in my expectation…whatever, there are so many things have been out of my expectation about the dolls. After I fixed the doll in a whole finally, I found she was a cute girl and kinds make me shameful about my messy room and messy life. I was trying to get better impression from her even I know she might could feel nothing at all. But it just like that something,maybe not someone like real human being is looking at me. But there is just something more than nothing, seems care about me and my life.
The following days I had a lot of fun and good stories with my Judy, but I just want to say, this doll Judy really refresh my life totally. I have had much more dolls since then, but the first doll was still my favourite and I was fond of her most.