165cm huge breast doll

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165cm huge breast doll

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As we know, every doll can be choose skin color, natural and brown skin is best popular in the market. More people love big breast , only few men like small breast, but after appear flat breast, it attract many people. I have to say, this is market, it can accept everything.

Some one who tell me, he want a girl doll with penis, we are call shemale. In the world, we are different, and we can accept different thing.

When i first time see this 165cm doll -K cup breast doll , i was thinking, is it can be sell ? Who will be love this one doll -- she is really have a super big breast, i can’t image how to use this breast, i din’t know why design doll like this. But in my heart she is special.

First time i touch her, soft breast just like real girl, even this is a super big one. Breast is hollow, so you can feel “ i want to touch again.”

Vagina skin can be choose different color, looks black color is good, but natural is not bad right?

Can you see any different between brown and natural skin breast? Can you see nipple?  Brown nipple is longer than natural. This is why i say her is special, long or short nipple for choose. And vagina can be choose nornal like other doll or same as picture i had show.

Stand up and , removable or fix vagina , public hair , hair stype can choose. I think everyone know this. But this doll still can be choose Areola size. Only one doll , you can have hundreds of collocation. Is it a good thing for you?

And we know safe and convenient storage method for your doll is very important, we are provide flight case and sofa case, if you need, i will suggest that you can buy it together to save shipping cost.

Do you know how to buy clothes to her?


Please see this two link to reference, SM or sexy lingerie type is better. In my piont, this doll for fun it’s better. Try breast , maybe different feel.

Her breasts are super K-cups with totally compliments and she is about as lifelike as it get folks.


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