161cm sex doll

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161cm sex doll

When i first search for one doll in website, i saw many different doll from different website. Some doll is silicone material, but it’s too expensive and i hear that in doll forum, TPE have best sex feel than silicone doll, of course not including some doll like real doll or 4wood doll. Some brand famous in the word.

First time i have saw 100cm doll, she’s really small but have nice body, but big breast looks no  coordinate with body, even she still have three holes available. I search in website few days and know more about doll.

Many different size doll can be choose. Above 100cm, every TPE doll have three holes sex, vagina, anal and mouth.From same factory, different height doll still have same touch and same sex feel. If someone just need to but buy a masturbation cup, you can consider to buy a small doll, 65cm or 85cm is enough.  They can only do vagina sex ,but she’s still looks cute and handle easy.

Talk about my Bella, first time i saw her and fall in love with her.

I just see her side face at first, and make a decision to take her to home. In my heart i want her to be my princess, i want to wear same nice dress for her. Lol, i am image a lot. I had a GF one years ago, but we are always have different viewpoint , my heart was broken.  I don’t want to fall in love with a real women again. I feel tired. And doll can be a good partner, i can talk to her, and in a lonely day sleep with her. I feel safe, not any quarreled.

She have 161cm and i am 180cm, nice boobs and ass. Good touch for skin. I will shower to her every week and take some body powder to keep skin dry. This way can make me stay with me for many years. After get off work back home, i will talk with her everything in wholes days. Just like keep a diary. It’s difficult to talk everything with my friend face to face or phone. After Bella stay with me , i feel something is different in my life.  I think only you own one doll you love , you can feel how is my feel.  


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