Some question about sex love doll:

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question about sex doll

Do you have a blow job head?
--My friend, doll head have one holes, but she’s a doll not a really girl, so she can’t make blow job.

How to maintain my doll?
--take some baby powder to doll skin every two days. It can make skin touch smooth and save a long time

How to deal with my doll if she’s broken and i don’t want to use anymore?
-- Some people make this business, they are recycle broken doll and repair it, or use to other filed. This is a good way, whatever , she had spent some happy time with you, i think it’s not good to throw it in trash can.

Can i make doll only vagina, not ass holes?
--Of course yes, some people buy a doll to show clothes, or for art show, we can make it no holes

Fix and removable vagina, which one is better?
-- i think removable is better, because you can change it and easy to clean.  If one day vagina is broken and use no tight , you can change it too. And good for our heath.  I suggest you can use alcohol when you are clean it.

Fix vagina how to make it dry after use?
-- use shower gel clean first, after use alcohol, open her leg, sop up water with a paper towel, then blow it by a hair dryer

How to collect doll?
-- we have sell sofa box and flight case, it can fix 100cm -165cm doll.  But 165cm doll i don’t suggest to buy a safe, it’s very easy to broken.

Can i choose flexible skeleton doll?
--yes,  flexible skeleton very easy to take some pose. But hard skeleton can be sit down in the chair and wear clothes to take photos

If nail fall out, how to repair?
-- use glue is ok, or you can ask us . We have glue to sell. Use air post sent to you is cheap.

Can you transfer to you and safe Paypal fee?
-- we can accept Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer. Only Paypal need some Paypal fee, bank transfer we can give some discount for you.

Some people say, foot was crack because shipping, how to do ?
-- we will sent glue to you free, repair it’s ok.


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