Same doll but different price? why?

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doll price

Some people always as me, “In your shop, so many doll have same picture with shop, but price is different. Can i know why?”

This is a good question i have to say, but first i want ask, do you every buy something in website? Such as you want to buy a T-shirt. But too many shop sell it with different price, How do you choose?  I am a girl and always shopping online. I will never choose a cheapest one, i will choose normal price clothes or sometimes i will choose the most expensive one, because i know in the market, too many copy products. When i get the one i choose, it worth price i have pay.

Price is not the most important if i really want to buy something.  Before i buy it, in my heart, i know my target price and i will never buy cheapest one!

So do you think is this a good question now? It’s not, but many people still ask. Because they are confused it. Some shop use same picture, but they are sell cheap and fake copy doll. I can’t confirm how is doll material, is it safe for our heath?  I have no idea.

Before we are agent a new doll, we will use material make some test to sure safe. We have some certificate. Every day we have some people ask some question, but this one is normal.I have few profession collector know this market and all dolls brand. They are choose some doll and buy it with us. Because trust!! welcome every body who love doll, we can discussion more!