Sex doll vagina to mouth distance

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Sex doll vagina to mouth distance 

The sex dolls shape and appearance was in various types and size. So people have developed a series sex doll data to describe the sex dolls. Such as the breast line, waist line, hip line, etc.
Here we introduce another sex doll data that most of the buyers who might ignored. The vagina to mouth distance. You might be wondering why should I know this distance when pick up a doll? actually this is not my idea to discover this important data, the sex doll owners who have had tried the sex dolls feedback us, some dolls vagina to mouth distance cannot match their height.
When you are using a doll, you might want to kiss the doll during your xxx, yes, that’s it. So for some people has a tall height, they might not that easy and natural to do it the same time. So the vagina to mouth distance sometimes become very important and it really affect your enjoyment.
Another doll data is easy to be ignored is the feet length. This is not as important as the above one cause most of the sellers would remarked it on the website. But that is far away from enough. Obviously, you can measure the length of the sex doll yourself when you get the doll. and you think that is enough? No! the doll feet is a little different from the human feet, so if you are looking for the shoes for a doll, you need to consider the doll feet is totally flat surface on the bottom. And the human feet will always have a groove. This means the doll feet always ask for a shoes that a little bit longer than the shoes fit its feet length. For example you have a 20cm feet doll, you have to pick up the doll shoes size fit the human feet length 20.5~21cm.
Personally I think this is two points which is easy to be ignored. If you have good idea, please feedback us.

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