A lazy day stay at home:

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story with doll


Today stay at home, almost stay all time in bed, listen the raindrop outside window and thinking. One years ago, I am a student, and now I am working, I am still me, just change role. I am no longer a student, but I want to be a student again.  In my heart, I am always a student. Because I never stop to study. I don’t remember when the last time I am cooking, but today try to cook again. Haha It’s delicious. Lay in bed, check in email, I get some request to ask doll, one guy I have to say, he name is john from United states. He like huge breast 165cm love dolls, breast is 110cm, he love her so much, first time search this doll at August. Almost two mouth, because price still no enough for his target price. In the market , we are still have one 156cm, same breast size doll, cheaper than 165cm , but I think if you are really love her, pay more money, it will worth.

As a girl, if I really love the clothes when I am shopping, even it more than my target price ,I will take it. Every time when I wear this clothes, I can fell whole day is wonderful.


Maybe you are worry about one thing, “how can I truth you, how I can know are you sell a good quality doll not a bad one?”  This is a good question, you can see our website, different type doll, of course it will have some doll is cheaper one. Because they are from different factory, different brand different technology, this is why price no the same.  But in the market, we have many different customer, some guys want a good quality and care about quality, some guys want a cheap one. So this is market. But one thing I can sure, we will check every doll before shipping to make sure you can get a better one. This is our serve. Choose a doll you love, take home, she’s yours.


This is second Typhoon this years, stay at home, do some different thing spend time.

I just hope everything all right after Typhoon. Tomorrow will be back to work, hope everything well.  Hope I cam keep to leaning, and everyday can feel sometime news.


 I am Amanda  I am from sexdollonline.com

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