if you want to buy sex doll from china,you need to know

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buy sex doll

  If you have some experience buy something on website, many seller from China, India, or other country. They are sent goods from China, sometimes use DHL, Fedex , UPS or China air post. It will depend on products price to use express.

In our shop, we are only sex doll accessories use China air post, it will spent about 15-60days, because custom prohibit liquid and powder. And China air post is hard to check it. Japan, USA and some Europe country we can sent it no doubt. Russia we can use special line , and you don’t have to pay any tax, only need your passport No. Is ok.

But One country i have to say -- Mexico.
My customer have some problem with custom before, they are ask some paper for health, we can provide it. When custom sent a message and say about custom problem, please let me know at first time. We can help you deal this. But some paper they will need from you, so you have to provide it. Because Mexico custom is strict, they will any information for this.

Every doll will make a low and safe price in invoice to you reduce tax. One customer experience:
Because i make a low price and custom check it out. He’s very shy to deal this and afraid others know it. I real understand how is your feel, but please thinking, a custom staff know every import goods, this is no unfamiliar and normal.

In the United States, under 800$ in invoice, you don’t have to pay any tax. Europe country need about 15%-30% tax. This is why that we are make a low price so important for you.

The Middle East country, we can’t sent any Adult product, it’s no doubt. Please remember, if any problem customs clearance, please let me know at first time, it’s very important to make sure everything well. I hope every customer can be get a love doll for yourself.


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