Sex doll replaceable vagina

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Sex doll vagina

Sex doll replaceable vagina
For most of the sex doll owners , they might knew the sex doll vagina always has two type: the fixed vagina and replaceable vagina. And according to the feedback of many customers, we have found that for some people with huge junk, they might feel the it is too tight to insert for a sex doll with replaceable vagina.
some people tell that the replaceable vagina is too hard to fix on, cause the hole was to tight to put it into. But the advantage of the replaceable vagina was that you can uninstall it and cleaning it more convenient.  And the fixing on work make some owners feel frustrate. Especially the right installation absolutely affect the enjoyment of the sex doll.
Another question is the vagina is too tight to insert, yes. For some owner with big junk. This might not happen when you had never uninstall it. But after you take it down and fix it back on the sex doll, you might felt it's tight to insert. Because you cannot fix it perfectly without any wasted space.
For this two troublesome frustration, we have two available advise to work it out perfectly.
Absolutely we advise you to use this first advise. When you fix it on next time, you could firstly put a big penis toy insert into the vagina for some hours and try it again. This could help to expand the width of the vagina. If you felt also tight to insert, you could use a bigger penis, or some other clean and similar toy to insert for longer time.
Another methods has been used and proved to be available. But it depends on many manual work. To cut the replaceable vagina to be thinner. Yes, someone have done this and it works, but we don’t recommend our customers to try it out of preparation, cause this work need to be accurate and carefully enough.
Of course, any better idea or solution is welcome!



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