Some mistakes about sex doll

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There are so many things you have to look up to others mistakes, because you don’t need to experience them all yourself. Today let’s me tell about some mistakes had been made by my customers.
1, the first time when I get my doll, I don’t know the package and I use my knife to cut the package material too heavy. The plastic package material was deeply hurt and also the doll. when I open all the package the doll TPE was been hurt by my cut. Stupid mistake.
Here we advise the owners when you get your sex doll package, you have to open it softy and slowly. Don’t too rush and heavy cute the package because the TPE was so easy to be damaged.
2, the first time when I place the replaceable vagina into the sex doll, I was totally unknown about this, and no matter how I tried, it just looks not perfect and wired. I don’t know how to tell the better way to do that, but maybe the one who have tried that will have the same feeling as me.
3, I thought the doll could be clean only if I will wash her after I use, and my doll seems not clean enough after months use. A few months late I know that the powder is needed to put to the doll skin to keep her flesh.
4, The first time I got my doll I don’t know what posture was better for her and she was standing and relying on the tale. But she is not a standing feet. And after few days her feet seems in different shape. If you are new to a doll, you’d better put your doll lying on bed or a clean blanket.
Well, many more of the tips from our users feedbacks to us, for the mistake we could avoid from others mistake, we should learn and avoid it. Good luck!


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