145cm silicone doll

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First time to see those doll, it’s amazing. Looks like real girl, this is best doll i have saw in my life.
USA - Real doll, Japan-4 woods, but please forget me, i haven’t see this doll except picture. I know they are very nice and very expensive,
 one doll customized will be need few month and will spend about 9000 US dollar.

But this one, i had see it and touch, look at eye, make up and skin,
 it really make me surprised and price is can be accept.

In my website, i only show 2 picture for it. Because i know, this doll is expensive for some people.
 She’s removable vagina, it’s east to clean it and change. If you are take care of your doll, she can stay with you about 10 years or more.
Silicone doll is different with TPE doll. Silicone doll skin is very easy to out oil, but don’t worry about this, just need to take some baby powder to skin is ok.
 And take shower to her every month or once every tow months.

145cm doll have three size body,
you can guess what’s different between three size.  Haha it’s chest.Small chest, normal and big breast.

small breast:   66cm*50cm*72cm ,
big breast: 84cm*50cm*72cm

Many people like small breast,
i don’t know why, in my mind, men like a big boobs no small one. But still have more guy like small one. This is market.
 We have to make different option.

Silicone doll is expensive, so if take her to home, please don’t make her hurt, avoid to touch knife.
 Protect her like your child. And do some secret thing with her. How is beautiful life! Lol
If you are still have some question for her,
 contact us don’t hesitate! Always here waiting for you my friend!

By the way, Any type hair you need, we can find it for you and just need some extra fee ,
and if doll skin broken, buy one glue to repair it. She will become perfect again. I can teach you how to repair or you can watch some video in YouTube.


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