About new 160cm male sex doll

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male sex doll

Today we are going to our newest sex doll:160cm man sex doll ,Some customer also need the man doll, so we get in producing,the doll details specification :
Length with head :160cm ,without head is :144cm,
Penis Length:21cm/16cm Penis Width: 4.8cm Anus Depth:16cm Mouth Depth:13cm
Net Weight:26 kg
At present, we have 2 size for man doll dildo, that people can choose the suitable size for them,
The dildo is can changed , and skin color also can be choose from Brown ,white, Natural.The love doll body is with the abdominal muscles, so he is your best choice for accompany and boyfriend,
And also for the weight, as this kind doll, Most customer are girls, they are not so strong as boys, so we try our best to improved it, 160cm silicone doll only 26kg, and the skeleton is need, we also can make loose that that be better position,For the dildo Our suggestion is the 16cm size, that is more lifelike and suitable size, also if you try different feeling, 21cm is also good.Just have a good time with our sex dolls. Any questions just contact us. Sexdollonline Service 4 .Smile


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