Introduce 100cm sex doll

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100cm love doll

A real full TPE or silicone doll with skeleton, weight almost like real person. So some people will choose a small doll.  It will be easy to take any pose as you need.

Of course every doll only can be take some simple pose, like real women. Because some pose i can’t take it too. For example, i can’t take leg open to 160 degree. Because i have customer take doll leg to 160 degree and leg was broken. This is no our fault if take some hard pose to doll.

Before order doll, you can choose flexible or hard skeleton. But stand doll feet only choose hard skeleton.

100cm love doll, neck to feet, about 80cm, and head is 20cm height.  Two size breast can be choose, breast :waist:hip: 63cm*38cm*60cm. Small breast is 56cm.  Small breast looks normal, and big breast is a little big, but many guy like big breast lol , maybe for touch feel more better.

100cm doll just like a small toy, only have 12kg, you can hold it in your hand. Even like this, but she also have three holes, mouth, vagina, ass. And sex feel is same as big doll. If you need to choose a removable vagina, it will only have vagina and mouth, you can image that she’s a small doll, removable holes is bigger, it’s hard to make ass holes.

More question about clothes, how to choose a clothes to this doll? She’s small but with big breast, she’s like a child but didn’t like a real child. But for me, this is no a problem.  First you need to buy a bra and briefs or sexy lingerie to her. Then wear a T-shirt to her is enough. Take her sitting in your bed, she’s a amazing girl and it’s yours.

About shoe, i don’t suggest that, because she’s a small doll, you don’t have to wear too much to her, if you need to wear more. If you want to make up to your doll, please buy a big doll , like 145-165cm. You will find it’s really easy to buy some clothes , shoe, hair or others. A big doll, more like real women. Small doll can be nice sex , make you satisfied and lighter. It’s depend on what do you want to do with a doll.

Some people want to make sex with doll only, some people want a partner to stand with him or listen. Whatever you want, please take care of your doll, she’s yours, you have to protect her and she will make you better.