138cm sex love doll for Germany customer

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M:Good day. Accept bank transfer via your website ?
A:of course yes dear ,You can  bank transfer 
M:Hi ,Please the doll as in the illustration.
A:Of course M,  I promise .After finish payment,  i will sent to you ASAP 
M:inform Thanks for the pictures. Do you have pictures of the buttocks ?. Know the Konfekion or dress size doll ?.
M:OK! Thank you. I mean images from butt. Do you know the T-Shirt Size ?. 
A:in Chinese,  I know the size,  about 15 years old girl size
T-Shirt size is "S" ok for this doll , hahaha,  i didn’t take picture to her ass
M:Ups! Wie Peinlich.
Entschuldigen Sie. Die Übersetzung ist katastrophal. 
Bild vom Arsch (Po) der Puppe. Sonst nichts.
Erlaube mir in Deutsch zu Schreiben.

A:sent photos
M:Thanks for pictures and their patience. Money Transferred.
Are the dolls "Koi and Miyu identical = 138cm
A: which one is miyu?  Can I see pictures?
M:(photos)Hello. This is "Miyu". Is from another online retailer
A:I see,  we have this doll too.  It's 138cm doll
M:Hi ,Clothes for the doll in the package. (Included)?
A:We have clothes for doll ,  but didn't have clothes same as pictures,  because those clothes just use to take photos for doll
M:Hello Excuse me. You can still deliver my ordered doll? is to Wish List This product is no longer available.
A:I don't know what's wrong, i have to check it dear.  
Your doll will sent today or tomorrow
M: ok thank you, you are a good seller!


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