My sex doll customer Al

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In the sex doll sales working, I have met various of customers with different style of business.  Some customer are directly coming for the sex doll and move on quite fast, some customers are hesitating on many things and always move on slowly. Some customers are always busy and reply with short words but move on also quickly. Here is the details of my hopefully customer Mr. Ai.
The first talking between us is out of the cute 128cm sex doll, I was thinking very normally as this sex doll was always selling great and customers feedback well. After our first few email, Al begin to ask me the quotation of a series of sex dolls, I was thinking he might be very hesitating on the sex doll types and cost, so he want to know a lot price of the sex doll so that he can compare them.
Actually, he was one of the sex doll shop owner who was determined to open a sex doll shop and he want to established a long term sex doll cooperation with us. And I was noticed this in his currently emails. 
I was just noted that the next few days, he will come and visit our company and have a business talking with us directly, he is to come next month. And we are so glad to welcome our customer to visit our company. 
Mr. Al is coming to our company next month to established a long term business cooperation . also we warmly welcome customers from worldwide to cooperate with us for long. We are to be best supportive for our long term partners.



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