Requires about a customized butt from a USA client

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It is called booty mass because it is just a part of the female body( the butts). It start at the belly bottom to the tighs. But not all the tigh. It will depend on the size of the whole masturbator. The tigh should not be longed than 15cm and the butt length should be 35cm or 40cm. It should have a skeleton inside for the position that you need (girl on top, missionary and doggy style). With that skeleton you must be able to open her tigh and close to have a different tightness and if you want a missionary position. It should weight 10 or 15 lb. The butt must be giggly. 

You can choose to make it hairy or not. No vibration. The skin is made of silicone and the silicone that will be used for the vagina and the anal must be 100% silicone rubber, hypoallergenic so it will feel like a real woman. (This silicone is the same used for the solo flesh sex toy that you fill with warm water). The height must be 50cm and the butt must be 35cm wide and the tight must not be longer than 10 or 15cm. The vagina must be tight and 20cm deep. And the anal also 20cm deep. No opening on the top. To clean it you must put water in the anal part and it will go out by the vagina or ths reverse. 

I made this design because you can hide it and travel with it in your bag or case. So you should be able to open and cross the leg and bend it for a doggy style sex or girl on top. For the girl on top position you can grab the butt to mobe it or you can grab the stomach. Same for the doggy style and open or cross the leg (tighs). For the missionary you should be able to open her leg to go in or cross them for more tightness.

It is my perfect sex toy.