My First Time With A Sex Doll!

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My First Time With A Sex Doll!

As you know, in my fantasies I am a sex toy designer with a harem of women. In real life, though, I have a normal boring job, review sex toys as a hobby, and have a harem of sex dolls. This is the story of my first time with a sex doll.

This happened when I was 35. I had moved to New York and even if I had some luck with a handful of women, my job was taking a heavy toll on my time. When this happened, I had spent 6 months without a woman and my hands were already boring me to death – I had been using them since my teens – so I decided to experiment with something new.

Browsing on the Web, I landed on this article about inflatable sex dolls and horny as I was, bought a sex doll supposedly inspired by a famous anime character. Not that I was an otaku, but this doll was on sale and it was perfect for experimenting. I felt guilty and stupid right away, but whatever… I had done worse things in the past!

Three days after my order, the mailman arrived with this plain brown box. I opened it and found a smaller box with the graphics from the website. Inside the second box, I found this plastic pack that looked just like a folded beach ball.

I have to admit I felt like a loser while I was unfolding this plastic woman. After all, I was a grown ass man, I had fucked real women since I was in high school – and there I was getting ready to stick my cock in what seemed to be an overpriced beach toy.

Anyway, I began to inflate it and as soon as it began to take shape, my curiosity (and my hormones) began to take over me. The doll had a cute printed anime face, blond “hair”, a nice pair of boobs, wide open blue eyes, an inviting “O” mouth and two slits – one on the front and another on the back. The package included a cheap red teddy, so I dressed my adult toy with it. “She” looked fantastic!

I already had my cock at full erection. It was weird to fuck a rubber doll, but the novelty (and the months without a girl) had me horny as hell. I started to caress her “skin”, put my fingers inside her wide open mouth and licked the hard rubber nipples on her breasts. My hand went inside the flimsy panty material and my fingers probed her “pussy.” I could feel the vinyl grabbing my fingers, “sucking” them while the rubbing sound was like low grunts from my lover. Soon enough, I placed her inflated hand inside my pants and rubbed myself onto her hand while playing with her. In my mind, this was not a doll anymore – she was a young lady that would allow me to do whatever I wanted with her.

I wanted to start the real fun with her. I poured some lube inside her open mouth, took off my clothes and positioned myself to get a blowjob from my new girlfriend. I put my meat in her mouth and right away found a rhythm to simulate a slow suck, moving her head without hurry.

She would suck my meat for a while until I was close to cum. I removed her from my rod – now even bigger and harder – and placed her on my bed. It was time to fuck this bitch!

Again the lube bottle came into play, this time pouring some in her pussy. I spread it around and took my position between her legs. I grabbed her waist and directed my cock to its new favorite friend. The head went in slowly, followed by the rest in a single movement. Surprisingly, the vinyl pussy felt warm and nice. It was inviting me to fuck it, so I grabbed the doll’s legs, put them over my shoulders and began to pump that air head with my meat stick.

I could feel the air inside her body shifting inside with every thrust. I went berserk grabbing her tits, sucking at her nipples, just impaling her while looking at her printed big blue eyes and her open mouth. It was amazing and soon I was again on the verge of cumming. Again, I stopped before filling her with jizz – I wanted to try her ass.

My fantasies were wild. This was a silent, submissive young woman, allowing me to do whatever I desired with her, and I would take advantage of that. I turned the doll face down and tied her hands to her back with her own thong. My balls were already aching with the pressure of two denied orgasms, but I wanted to make that young woman mine.

My cock was already lubed and my excitement was making it wetter with all the precum oozing from it. I penetrated the smaller ass hole, tighter and rougher than the vaginal hole, and fucked my inflated slave with all the abandon in the world. I could feel the pressure rising until I could not hold anymore and exploded inside her plastic ass, filling it with my cum.

I removed my cock from my new lover, sweaty and tired, but more satisfied than I had been in years. I stood from the bed and saw her in the same position, with her hands tied to her back, covered with my sweat, my cum dripping slowly from her just used ass. I got hard again and assaulted her mouth – this time with fury and raw lust – giving her a hot facial. After I recovered, I cleaned her and slept with my air girl for the first time.

After that session, sex dolls stopped being a stupid thing. They became my new hobby and El Casquetero was born.

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