What does it feel like to have sex with a sex doll?(by Ned Plimpton)

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While I didn't have a "love dolls", in a lonelier time in my life I had a simulated vagina+buttocks thing, basically a soft, stretchy hole with a sculpted female anatomy around it with a flat base. Add lubrication, thrust a while, rinse, repeat.

I would assume the sensations are similar to the equipment incorporated into a sex doll, so I'm answering here. As for the feeling, I would say it was really intense (as far as the concentration of sensations on my "equipment") compared to actually having intercourse. The reason it feels more intense is because there is little shifting or give, or having to think at all about your partner's state. So your motions and thrusting are 100% centered on you, which made the sensations more focused. Note that this does not mean it felt better than real intercourse in any way.

As for the actual physical sensation, I would say it was a couple levels higher than standard manual masturbation, definitely a different feeling. But I would bet it is the same feeling you would get from a "fleshlight" or any other simulated vagina product. There is no way I would ever prefer this rather flat, simulated sensation over the real thing.

Not surprisingly, it is also devoid of any kind of the mutual emotional intensity you achieve having intercourse with someone you are strongly attracted to. Plus there is no reaction from the toy (thrusting back at you, or a sexual/orgasmic reaction from the woman) and you have to do ALL the motion.