140cm flat sex doll

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I understand you must think what I am asking strange, maybe even funny stupid thing. So far you have been kind and understand, I feel I can tell you this and hope you will understand also.

Yes, I know it is strange, but please it is the only way to feel comfortable to do this.

And, I suppose yes, really I want a wife, I know I mentioned girlfriend, and also distracted by the 128 cm love doll girl, she is too young, I think the 140 cm girl is more like the age I like for my wife, when we first talked I was looking for a wife, I and I still really want the perfect young wife.

I am grateful for your advice about the 128 cm girl, this is why I trust you, you give good advice, also about the 140cm girls, so I take your advice very seriously.

After you receive the deposit you can start to show me some girls, I like the 140 cm girl you showed with the small breast, but would prefer see more.

The type of wife I would like

Young innocent looking girl, cute, pretty. She must never have been touch by another man, pure girl, even if you can find girl who has met other men rare in her life, I will be the first she knows.  I want a special girl, very different to the girls everyone can have. Very special and rare. Only for me. I know Japanese girl with blue eyes is rare, but maybe she has blonde hair as well, or something like that. very long hair, longest you can find. maybe you can think of something rarer, I will trust your opinion. I am not tied to just Japanese, any Asian type girl, Chinese even Indian maybe, I am Indian, maybe she is mixed exotic girl, just not a western girl. Please just find me the most perfect rare wife. I trust you.

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