A letter from my customer.

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 my customer's letter

HI Amanda

At this stage in the next 3 weeks i would like to wrap up the details and  finalise prices and so forth ! i will be back home at the end of July ! so if we could come to a price agreement and have a clear detail of the doll ! i will be more than happy to place and order with you Amanda Chen , you have been so kind ! i can't speed to process up much faster as you maybe aware my training times are rushed at the moment , (3 on water training sessions and 1 off water gym session a day with only 2 days off a week! please bear with me as i sometime find it i little difficult and somewhat over bearing to look through the doll models as the pain of loss is still fresh and part of me is not sure I'm doing the right thing ! as i can't seem to let go of her just yet ! I'm so sorry I'm telling you this ! please forgive me ! i don't want to make you work anymore harder then it maybe  already!

you asked for my phone number and i will give you my personal mobile number !  but do please be aware I'm not always contactable to talk as i train on water and water dose not like mobile phones! (laugh laugh)!? sorry I'll do my best ! i would like to share some poems i wrote to relive the pain!

thank you again Amanda for giving my time and space that i need! i am grateful to you! a women touch they say!



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