About Male sex doll

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male doll

The sex dolls have been more and more commonly to see and heard from nowadays, and most of the sex dolls are for men. Here I want to introduce a male sex doll for women.
It is a 160cm height sex doll man, with Asia face and great body shape, he looks strong and energetic, surely the one who could accompany you all night long without sleeping.
Let’s look at the body data of this doll, 160cm height is reasonable as the doll couldn’t be too heavy to move and this is not a small doll. This height makes the doll weight about 26KG.
The breast is 78cm, waist 66cm , hip 80cm. it looks soso on the data, but when you look at the pictures of this sex doll, you could find the muscles on his body is clear and gorgeous. The dildo of the doll is 17cm and the anus is 16cm depth.
I didn’t tried this sex doll myself and hopeless I will try it, and the feedback from customer is quite less as most of the owners don’t like to share any information about their dolls, but if you are interested in a male sex doll, this doll is supposed to be one of the best options for you.



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