Sex doll vagina

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Sex doll vagina

Here I want talk about the two mainly sex doll vagina type: the fixed vagina and the replaceable vagina.
The two mainly sex doll vagina types have its own advantage and disadvantages, here let’s talk about it from my personal experience:
The fixed vagina brings more realistic sex feeling and more realistic body type, all knows that the real people cannot have replaceable vagina. So if the sex doll wants to make itself realistic enough, it better make the fixed vagina, and I think this might be most of the owners thoughts also.
The replaceable vagina, seems not that realistic? Actually you cannot find any difference by the surface appearance. Only when you entered the hole by your fingers can you find out the vagina difference. The replaceable vagina has a series of advantages, easier to clean, easier to repair, and also you got a moveable masturbation vagina. Of course, the disadvantages is you have to be good at installing the replaceable vagina, or the doll vagina will be not as good as it can be. It is common for most owners to uninstall the vagina and wash after using the doll. but the installation work needs to be carefully enough.
Anyway, Personally I advise the owners to choose the replaceable vagina sex dolls as it is so important to have the doll clean.


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