He want sex doll to change his life

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Thank you you Amanda, your emails have a certain warmth that draws me me in and makes me feel safe! thank you.
like you i am a little shy as well ! and have had a constant battle within , if I'm doing the right thing with not letting go of memories !?
Or just have the need to feel fulfilled and not be alone as such in bed?!
As I'm always being set up with girls by my friends , but the girls mostly seem to want to have sex with me !
and that’s fine for them but for me it feels more like a training session where i have to make them feel the best!
I'm sorry ! i think i want companionship but still feel guilty of My GF passing away! I know i should let go of the pain.
But a famous quote ,  When all said and done love is what memories can call its very own!
I don't know why i am poring out my heart to you! and forgive me! please.
The girls and they are nice girls, but they just want to get drunk and call me when they want to fuck me! (sorry so sorry), i could delete it but ! i have to be honest!
I feel used ! they kiss me on the check and leave in the morning, only to call in in a week or so to ask me to pick them up at some night club.
as they are to drunk to drive , and have no money to call a taxi! and u know what happens next!
I know i have to be strong and maybe with a doll partner in bed ! i wont circum to being used as much for i do so love the the company of a woman!
please don't feel sad for me < you have a wonderful ambition to look forward to travel , which ever country of your choice , i know you will experience beautiful things!
 Chinese women are always refined , and beautiful, and the most amazing natural smiles i have ever seen! If was ever to marry I could only hope to marry a nice Chinese lady !
I hope you don't mind chat like this till the end of the month when i get back home ! I only hope after sales when i purchase the doll , that we maybe stay friends even if it is just for business reasons ! i would be glad as you seem to be a kind understanding person! and i value your advice ! thank you again Amanda!


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