140cm small breast sex doll

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The 140cm small breast sex doll is one of my favorite sex doll, she has a blonde hair and B cup small breast sex doll, which make her more realistic and flexible on clothes.
The sex doll breast is 66cm, not as huge as most of the other sex dolls on market, she has total body in super soft TPE material, also called cyber-skin. The sex doll waist is 53.5cm and the hip is 74cm. so she is also sexy but also with breast suitable, not too big.
One of the other special of the 140cm small breast sex doll is the heads with closed eyes, she looks like a girl fallen into thinking, a girl fallen into missing, a girl fallen into sleep, etc.
The skin color was brown as the best option, for most of the sex dolls, I am likely to love flesh skin than other skin colors, but not this one. Cause the brown skin makes her more realistic and cute. Also matching the blonde hair perfectly.
Obviously, to meet a doll is to meet someone in you mind, and this is one of the most important for most doll owners. If you got someone cute in your mind, this doll might suit you perfectly.


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