How to buy dolls online safely?

 How do we protect customers privacy?   
-- 1.The doll package will be very privately, no one could know what’s inside the package box. The doll package box will be as below:

-- 2.The commercial invoice come with the package will have no words connected with “sex doll”. normally we will remark this products as “silicone model” , so nobody could know what’s inside until open the package box. This will also be helpful for custom clearance.

--3.For the registered members, we won’t leak out the member’s information to any third party.

How to customize my sex doll/love doll     ?
--when you are placing an order of sex doll/love doll, There are many options to choose for the dolls, this options including eyes colors, skin colors, etc.
--When you are looking at a products, there is options of Hair type, skin color, eye color below the pictures of the doll. You shall choose your preference before moving on to confirming order.

What is sex doll safe shipping way? I do not want to face to customs!

 Do not worry about it , you do not need to face to customs!  we have finished customs clearance and pay tax before shipping ! 
More details bout sex doll safe shipping way:
Transport step 1:
 We shipping your doll to UPS or FEDEX warehouse in your country by flight(we  do customs clearance in this step)
 Flight shipping time in 5-7 days (You can't track your doll at this step ,because your doll is flying now :) )
Transport step 2:
 Transport your doll from UPS or FEDEX warehouse to your home 
 UPS or FEDEX express shipping time in 2-3days  (Of course you can track your doll in this step now)
 This shipping way is safe to shipping sex doll to your home  ,total shipping time in 7-12days . 
 By the way,  We list the countries we support to ship mainly including :
 United States、 Canada 、Mexico
 Russia 、Ukraine、
 Uk 、France、Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、 Czech Republic 、Northern Ireland
 China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India
-For the country beyond range listed above, please kindly inquiry our sales and confirm the shipping  -availibility before placing an order.



How to cure/repair my sex doll from some Small flaws?
--Please contact our customers service to have the repair glue, and go along with the advise provided by our customer service.


How to place an online order and make payment in the safe way?
--After you get to the link of the sex doll you like, there are available options on the right below side of the pictures. Choose your preference of hair type, eyes color, skin colors.
Click “add to cart” after you chose the options. And then go to “my cart” on the Upper right corner.


Click “check out ” in my cart.

Then you will go into the link of confirm your billing details, Delivery details, Delivery method, payment method.
--Billing details, please leave the address to send bill. Normally we will send the bill with the doll together.
--Delivery details, please leave exactly the right address, telephone, zip code of destination city.
--Delivery method, DHL as default. Please contact our customers service if you need other shipping terms.
--Payment method, we support PayPal and T/T bank transfer.
The website will switch automatically if you choose payment via PayPal.
If you choose T/T bank transfer, the bank info will be showed, you can make a bank transfer of the amount to this account, and send the bank slip to our customer service email so that we can confirm your order asap.

How to Maintenance Sex doll?

Love dolls are durable, but, just like a real lady, they still need special care and attention
When you are not using your love doll, we suggest you keep her in a relaxed, horizontal pose.

-- The doll should be cleaned every 30 days used by mild shower foam. The head should be taken down and cleaned separately.
Please keep the head from water.
-- When the body skin becomes sticky, please also use bath powder or baby powder to make it dry and smooth.
-- Use the towel to dry the doll after cleaning and put on some bath powder. Please do not use the hair
dryer to blow the doll.
-- Use the wet towel to gently clean the face lightly.
-- Use the mild shampoo to wash the wig. Let the wig dry itself naturally.
-- Suggestion: For sanitary purposes; doll and clothes should stay clean.
-- You should be carefully moving the doll because it is a little heavy. Avoid making the doll dropped, knocked or broken.
Our customer service will arrange your order asap once your payment is confirmed, and send the tracking info to your email if you ever left one to us.
If your order was canceled, your payment will be refund to your account. For paypal, it will refund to your account automatically, for payment via T/T, please contact our customers service to have refund.